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Slum families seeking help in COVID-19-Crisis

After Asia, America and Europe, Covid-19 has now reached the African continent. Unfortunately, a widespread epidemic is looming here too, and Africa's health systems are not up to the task. 

Unfortunately, once again, it is particularly affecting the poorest people. The families in the slums of Nairobi do not have sufficient access to clean water or hygiene products. Many people are therefore unable to wash their hands, which is so important. In addition, many people live in very confined spaces, which only accelerates the spread of infections.

The Kenyan government has already taken some measures. The schools are closed. The slums may not be left. Our Maendeleo Learning Center is also currently closed. The mothers are no longer allowed to go to work. Within the slums there is no food to buy, so many families suffer from a severe lack of food. 

How can the children stay healthy in these times without enough healthy food and hygiene products?

We want to help!

The employees of our Kenyan partner organisation UWEZO Uplift Foundation have received a special permit to visit the slums to distribute food packages. 

For 16,50 EUR we can support a family for one week with basic food and soap.

There is no question that we in Germany are facing major challenges. Nevertheless, let us not ignore the suffering that threatens the families in the Mukuru kwa Reuben slum.

You would like to support a family? Donate the amount of 16,50€ with the remark "Corona food package".

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