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Update to Cover-19 in the slums

We are overwhelmed and touched by the many donations that have reached us in the last weeks!

Thanks to YOUR help we were able to support not only families in the Mukuru kwa Reuben slum with food pakets. The staff of our partner organisation UWEZO also took care of families in the Ongata Rongai slum and Tuala Village.

Your support helps in a direct way!

Many of the families in the slums depend on odd jobs like washing clothes and cleaning houses for the rich. Due to the closure they are not able to get these daily jobs that put food on their table.

Mit den Lebensmittelpakten können wir dafür Sorge tragen, dass die Familien genug zu Essen bekommen. So wird ihr Immunsystem zumindest nicht noch weiter geschwächt.

You want more information or have questions? Always feel free to contact us! We will help you!

You would like to support the families further or more broadly? Donate here safely online oder register for our sponsorship program.

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